• Image of tailor made t shirt

I wanted to be able to make t shirts for people so they could have their own ideas immortalised in my style thought of by them. If you want an entirely original design, tailor made, then this is the one to pick.

There are a few examples of designs that have been commissioned in the product view - enjoy.

N.B. If you have a thought of what design you want, before you order, check by the brain book at www.EvilHairDay.com/portfolio and see if it already exists and we can print it straight up for you, and you will get it even sooner!

Step 1. Buy this tee.

Step 2. When buying make sure you email all the specifics of what design you would like created, be as descriptive as you want. (email to: order@evilhairday.co.uk)

Step 3. Wait eagerly for the delivery of your item.

Step 4. Watch this video for clarity:

Designs are printed on 100% polyester white t shirts from the amazing american apparel. Ultra comfortable and suitable to wear with, well anything.

Please check sizes carefully before ordering :
Small - chest (inches) 34-36 waist (inches) 30-32
Medium - chest (inches) 38-40 waist (inches) 32-33
Large - chest (inches) 42-44 waist (inches) 33-34
Extra Large - chest (inches) 46-48 waist (inches) 36-38